Gender identity vs body: Laverne Cox

In astrology, there is an interesting theory about why some people feel that their internal sense of their own gender does not match their assigned sex at birth. It’s common for a soul to alternate between a female and male body for the purpose of incarnation. It also happens that a soul incarnates in bodies of the same sex a few times in a row. And when the soul finally incarnates in the body of the opposite sex, it is difficult for it to access the experience that it has accumulated several lifetimes ago. Also, the closer a person to the moment of birth the more they connected to the past life experience. That’s why it can be extremely difficult to find contact between experiences of your past lives that manifest themselves on the unconscious level and your body that you just getting to know as a child.

It’s hard to see people struggling so much with their own bodies and feelings, so I would like to do astrology research to see if the theory is supported by facts. If it’ll prove to be true, it can be used to help people to understand themselves better. And understanding is the first step on the way towards getting rid of suffering.

Traditionally Water and Earth signs consider to represent female energy; Fire and Air represent male energy. I will analyze signs and conjunctions of “female” planets – Moon and Venus, and the same indications for “male” planets – Sun and Mars. Those planets have past lives influence. The moon shows what feels safe and secure; Sun relates to self-identity; Venus and Mars are “gender” planets that describe how we see ourselves in love and sexual relationships with other people.

Also, I will look at the sign and ruler of the South Node which tells us what experience from past lives a person brought to the current incarnation out of all that they lived through to help themselves in the beginning.

And one more indication to look at is Scorpio’s influence on Moon or Sun via sign or hard aspects. Scorpio pushes all inside conflicts to extreme levels and makes them “life or death” questions. And it also makes global transformations possible for a person.

Let’s start with Laverne Cox’s natal chart.

Both gender planets and South Node have female signs influence (Cancer), it seems like Laverne had a lot of female experience and her soul decided to use it in the current incarnation.

Sun has a double male sign (Gemini) influence due to the placement in the Gemini sign and Sun-Mercury conjunction and female sign influence (Capricorn) via Sun-Saturn conjunction.

Moon has a male sign (Sagittarius) influence and a square with Pluto (suffering and struggles may feel like an integral part of life).

In general, we see a mixed influence with a slight predominance of the experience of female energies in past lives.

Interestingly Lavern has a twin brother – M. Lamar with just a few minutes in a birth time difference, which means that he has the same set of energies influencing his current incarnation. I’ll give you a couple of quotes from his interview: “With regards to my sexuality, I was never interested in the mainstream. I’ve always liked strangely gendered people.” and “I’d have to say that there is no ready-made identity for you out there. Make scenes for yourself. Or find scenes and reconfigure them to suit you.” In the natal chart that looks like very adaptable Mars and Venus in the 11th House and in Cancer brought from past lives with opposition to Jupiter.

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