Ways of creating Virgo sensations:

Food/Drinks: anything that is scientifically/medically useful; food in which ingredients are not mixed into something uniform, and you can distinguish specific items, for example, sandwiches, cuts; vitamins, especially if recommended by a specialist.

Creating an environment appropriate for eating, resting, and sleeping (tablecloths, plates, cutlery, bed linens, a favorite chair, the interior of the kitchen, bedroom and other places where you usually eat, rest, and sleep): practicality, hygiene, things always in their places, tools; fine art (paintings, drawings, posters, photographs) with Virgo motifs such as collections, shelves, organization, tools, and record keeping.

Sounds/Smells: anything useful for any of your social roles; hospital-like smells/cleaners. 

Mind and body care: fine motor development; anything with maximum benefit; using “routines” – a set of activities designed to keep you going; paying special attention to hands and smaller organs.

Watch: series, shows, and movies about how the world works, how the human mind works, collections/collectors, and health.

Pets: small, ordinary, and/or useful to you. For example, getting plants because they oxygenate the house or a dog that needs a daily regimen and regular walks.

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