Gretchen Whitmer: Games of Lilith

News is full of stories about the opening trial of 4 men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. More than a year ago The Hour Of Detroit published an article named The Surreal Life of Gretchen Whitmer. If you know nothing a little about her life since the start of 2020, look through the article, you’ll be amused. Considering Whitmer is not an artist or celebrity but an elected official on a state level, there should be some interesting indications in her natal chart that explain Gretchen’s life surrealism.

And we see right away the cause of crazy events – Lilith (unusual) in conjunction with Uranus (not ordinary) right on the cusp (beginning) of the 7th House (the public, what person is known for). The Lilith-Uranus conjunction has a third participant – Moon (the way a person unconsciously sees the world, the model of safety and security). So for the Governor, some turbulent craziness in her relationships with others and the public in a way feels like a part of a safe, cozy world.

In her chart, Moon is both Gretchen’s perception of the mother in her early year and he father. Uranus in aspects with a planet representing a parent can appear as a distant parent. As the public knows, Gretchen’s parents divorced when she was 10 years old.

And Moon rules the 5th House (children) as well. So how Moon-Lilith-Uranus conjunction plays out regarding kids? Gretchen Whitmer lives with her own two daughters and three sons of her current husband: so Moon is the “mother” of partner’s kids (Uranus is in the 7th House – partnership).

The question is why the craziness did manifest itself so vividly in 2020? Directions have the answer.

Lilith made the conjunction with Jupiter (multiplier) in 8th House (crises, troubles, transformation) infusing some crazy energy in Whitmer Sun (self-identity), Venus (the public), and Pluto (conspiracy, kidnapping, and the like).

For how long crazy gallop will continue? I would say for another year and a half, till directional Lilith in the 8th House loses aspects with Sun, Venus, and Neptune. The last planet is also a big surreal fan.

And in a natal chart, Neptune squares the Sun-Mercury-Venus conjunction which relates to Gretchen Whitmer’s personality, image as the public servant. So, get yourself enough popcorn to witness Lilith’s games.

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