Virgo – recognition

Virgo is the greatest digitizer of all things: it recognizes, describes, and labels all processes, phenomena, and objects, and sorts them into categories for easy understanding and use. Typical Virgo occupations include assistants, accountants, engineers, customer service, support services, anything related to user-friendliness, and medical therapists. Virgo energies are characterized by pedantry and neatness. Therefore, Virgo sensations are of interest only if they can be used to good effect, other sensations are ignored as being unnecessary. Consciousness works at full throttle but, unlike, for example, Aquarius, it has a clear focus – usefulness and usability in the material world at the moment.

Virgo is responsible for routine, the ability to perform monotonous, repetitive actions without error. Virgo has unemotional tendencies, an inability to enjoy life “just for the sake of it”, a disconnection from living one’s life naturally and in the moment. 

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