Kim and Ye’s compatibility

Astrology knows 3 levels of compatibility: family (Moon), passion (Venus), and friendship (Mercury) levels. What kind of compatibility does one of the most famous ex-couple in the world have according to Kims’ and Ye’s natal charts?

Blue pluses show good, positive compatibility; red pluses show hard compatibility with possible conflicts; minuses show no compatibility, that is people don’t care about each other, there is no connection between them.

As we can see harmony compatibility is present only in regard to Ascendent, so it worked only when the couple went out to be in public eyes. At home, without other people involved in the dynamic, the compatibility is either hard, provoking conflicts, or doesn’t exist. No wonder they broke up during the pandemic when public events didn’t happen for a long time. That didn’t allow their passion compatibility to sparkle and save the couple.

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