Libra – balance

Libra is about interacting with others outside of hierarchical structures. The degree of intimacy ranges from spouses and immediate friends to incidental abusers and sworn enemies. When you go out in public, interacting with clients, you too are living Libra vibrations. Your interactions with others, unless you have a formal hierarchical relationship with them (family; bosses, subordinates, colleagues; government agencies and citizens), are all infused with Libra energy. 

Since there are no formal detailed rules about how to interact with others, Libra slightly disables the sensations in its body, so that they do not interfere with the mind’s ability to perceive information coming from others, to process it, and to decide how to act. Without sensations, there are no feelings and emotions; a person in the vibration of Libra becomes impartial. This person can be the arbiter of two arguing parties without taking sides based on their own sympathies. They can work with clients without getting emotionally involved in situations where they don’t need to be. They can give their spouse an “outsider’s perspective” and build a long-term partnership based not only on momentary feelings, but also on reason. 

Aristocrats are a fine example of Libra energy, with their impeccable appearance, pleasant manners, how they never pry into personal matters without asking, don’t show off their personal feelings, how they’re well-educated, well-rounded, and can maintain a relaxed conversation on a variety of topics, from the weather to science. Getting intellectual stimulation from them is quite easy. These people are pleasant in all respects, but they’re rather distant from people, distant from human warmth, empathy, emotional support, bodily pleasures, and constantly following their desires. 

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