I never, ever would say something hurtful like those things – Abby Broyles

Oklahoma’s candidate for Congress was reported: “to had sworn at one girl, while also mentioning that she was Hispanic, and had referred to another girl’s acne, among other abusive remarks” during a sleepover. The New York Times quotes Abby Broyles’ reply to the accusations after she apologized: “I never, ever would say something hurtful like those things”.

In my opinion, a person who can’t say hurtful things won’t become a reporter who, quote from Abby’s official site “uncovered political corruption that led to felony charges and unraveled the story of a hush-money sexual harassment scandal at the state Capitol and exposed a loophole that allowed a sexual predator of children to keep his taxpayer-funded retirement“. Even without appealing to astrology, it’s clear for me that people who work in investigative journalism at such a level are absolutely capable of saying hurting things of all kinds. But let’s look at Broyles’ natal chart and see what energies her mind and speech are affected by and what’s her opinion on how a woman should look like.

Mercury (mind, speech, and communication manner) is under the heavy influence of Scorpio (no mercy), Leo (a need to attract attention at any cost), and Saggitarius (desire to categorize people with “worthy/unworthy” labels).

Venus (ideal image of a woman) is under the influence of Saggitarius (anything not ideal is not good enough to exist) and Lilith (exaggeration of idealistic, perfect approach).

So, I would say that by denying the ability to say hurtful things Abby Broyler either lies to the public or to herself. Not sure what’s worse. And I would believe her when she replies “No” to the question if she had a substance-abuse problem. Due to a House placement, her Moon could get into a 12th House that could signify a possibility for a substance-abuse issue, but Mr. Brolyer puts herself out to the world in an aggressive way without any problems, so I doubt her Moon has straightforward Pisces influence.

One more interesting thing about Abby’s natal chart. She brought an ability and desire for being in the spotlight from previous lives which worked well for her so far. That also explains why she may be so critical of others.

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