Scorpio – transformation

Scorpio gives space for sensations to use their long-term concentration and thickening to change their quality. A person’s consciousness and will can interfere with these processes, so Scorpio can turn off both. The most obvious example of Scorpio energy is the orgasm mechanism: increasing tension in the body instantly followed by relaxation. Ordinary people usually dislike Scorpio, because they rightly hold it responsible for the finality of the human body’s existence. But Scorpio, besides having the scythe of death, also has the wings of a stork; it is also responsible for conception. When you understand that Scorpio is a battery, it becomes much more fun to live in its vibrations, and at all levels: bodily, mental, emotional. 

Scorpio is depth, intensity, will, and vitality. Its vibrations live on in big investments, banks, and insurance companies. Scorpio’s professions include lifeguards and surgeons, pulling people out of the other world; detectives, unearthing crimes; people working in the fuel and energy industry; security specialists; researchers digging into human secrets or human masses; hypnotists, regression specialists; archaeologists and other specialists in antiquities; sexual specialists; and comedians, working in the genre of satire, sarcasm, and banter. 

Scorpio is responsible for deep energy practices – qigong, tantra, yoga with substantial physical exertion, and martial arts. 

Besides its useful aspects, Scorpio bears fears, violence, greed, energy vampirism, and the ambiguous phenomenon of the monetization of sex and sexuality.

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