Possible signals that your sense of safety and security may include Sagittarius elements:

– showing off for the sake of showing off, and not as an expression of being truly among the elite; 

– devaluing others and/or yourself;

– being overweight;

– an ambition that does not translate into reality;

– desire to emigrate because things are bad at home;

– bigotry that is deaf to reason;

– teaching people how to live, what is good, and what is bad without being asked for your opinion;

– an inflated sense of self-importance;

– litigating without end, even though you are not a lawyer;

– the day-to-day is too insignificant for you; 

– tumors in the body;

– problems with your liver, hips.

Important: One cannot reach a definitive conclusion as to how the unconscious model of a person’s world is arranged based on just one signal. The whole picture, that is, the natal chart and the person, must be taken into consideration. 

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