Sagittarius – expansion

To tap into the energy of Sagittarius, think of the Brits: they’ve spread their language, their measurement system, their sports, their judicial system, and left-hand traffic all over the world. They also have the most profitable royalty in the world.  

If Capricorn judges a person’s feelings and thoughts in terms of “right/wrong”, “acceptable/unacceptable”, or “legal/illegal”, then Sagittarius is our inner “good/bad”, “cool/ordinary”, and “by-the-book/out-of-bounds”.

Sagittarius vibrations are geography, foreign countries, religion as an institution of faith, values, morality, ethics, jurisprudence, elitism, prestige, heroes, gurus, idols, icons, culture (insofar as it affects human values), expertise, the institution of royalty, generosity, nobility, and things that make you go “wow!”. Sagittarius has an unpleasant arsenal of devaluation, bigotry, stubbornness, and lack of attention to detail.

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