The Tinder Swindler – Simon Leviev

The third swindler’s victim didn’t give the media her date of birth, that’s why I’ll move on to the swindler himself. You would think that a criminal has a completely different picture in the natal chart in comparison with victims’ natal charts. But actually, that’s not true.

Leviev’s safety is strongly influenced by Pisces (lies), Aquarius (run away), Leo (every day is a holiday), and Capricorn (stability in behavior patterns). Contrary to victims, the same signs affected his ego and self-esteem, so he created all these vibes by his own behavior.

With this lie-run set defining the swindler’s safety and joy, he was first suspected of stealing a credit card at the age of 15 when he moved with his family friends from Israel to the U.S. By the age of 22 he was officially convicted of fraud in Israel. And in 2015, when he was 25 he was first sentenced to 2 years of prison in Findland for “love” crimes similar to ones, uncovered by the documentary. The first documentary victim he met in early 2018, about 18 months after being released from his first jail.

Taking into account Leviev’s biography and absence of any experience of social success why did multiple women believe in his stories about the successful diamond business? And why did he choose to use the Capricorn, Pisces, and Aquarius vibes this way? He probably could become a successful (Capricorn) chemistry (Pisces) scientist (Aquarius). I would “blame” Leo (motivation to be the center of attention) and Sagittarius (international expansion) energies he brought from past lives and which are distorted by Lilith. This is the perfect vibe mixture to fascinate those whose safety is spiritually tuned and who are attracted by a shiny lifestyle.

What will happen to Leviev next? My prediction is he’ll get back to jail and most likely not once. He feels safe there – Moon influenced by Capricorn (restrictions) and Pisces (recluse). I doubt he’ll commit crimes that can put him in jail for a long period. Aquarius’s influence won’t let him stay in prison comfortably for years, he needs to run away all the time.

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