The Tinder Swindler – Pernilla Sjöholm

The second victim didn’t even want “love” relationships with him. She was satisfied with just being a friend of a rich guy with a lavish lifestyle. The swindler used this need to get Pernilla’s sympathy by inviting her to luxury places and parties for free. After a while, he pretended he is in danger and asked for help using the woman’s sympathy and unconscious guilt for free entertainment that she couldn’t afford.
We know only some of the signs that influence Pernilla’s sense of safety because we don’t know the time of her birth.

Pernilla Sjöholm’s natal chart

But that’s already enough to explain why she became a perfect victim:

  • Sagittarius gives Pernilla the need for expansion that she filled with being a part of a luxury lifestyle of her “friend”;
  • Leo pushes her towards “every day is a holiday”;
  • Gemini explains why she was conned in a role of a friend rather than a girlfriend.
    In addition, Leo and Gemini are sprinkled with Pisces energy due to the Sun-Mercury-Neptune conjunction.
    If your Moon has a similar sign influence – forget about Tinder! But seriously, just bring vibes of these signs to your everyday life and your friends will be just friends, not the providers of satisfaction for the need for hi-end life, holidays, and new experiences.

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