The Tinder Swindler – Cecilie Fjellhøy

Have you seen The Tinder Swindler documentary on Netflix? Quite an interesting story from an astrology point of view.
The first victim, Cecilie Fjellhøy, has many zodiac signs that influence her sense of safety (Moon) and caused her $250K debt.

We see Pisces, that switched off her mind, let her believe all the lies her new boyfriend told her and pushed her to help financially a person who is supposedly a wealthy guy with a lavish lifestyle.

Scorpio set her to look for passion and kept her with the guy even when he told her that his life can be dangerous at the very beginning of their relationship.

Leo demanded a holiday every day and a luxury lifestyle she couldn’t afford.
And, finally, Capricorn gave her the strength to go through the whole disaster and stay sane.

It’s interesting, that she still is in pursuit of ideal love. I have a feeling the need for Pisces vibes to feel safe will trick her again.

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