How to get Capricorn sense of safety

Food/drinks: have a strict schedule for the vast majority of your meals; use severe self-discipline for food consumption like fasting, refusal to use certain foods because of their harm for your body; eat cold things like – ice cream, aspic, etc.; bread; simple food (not fast food) without sauces, seasonings, additives; drink iced drinks.

The environment associated with eating, resting and sleeping (tablecloths, plates, cutlery, bed linen, favorite armchair, interior of the kitchen, bedroom, and other places where you usually eat, rest, sleep): cool colors, straight lines, clear lines, wood, stone, cool temperatures, clocks, ascetic/classic interiors, diamonds, antiques, grandma’s/grandfather’s; fine art objects (paintings, drawings, posters, photographs) with Capricorn motifs – mountains, snow, historical subjects, clocks, any classics.

Sounds/smells: classic, silence.

Care of the body and mind: cryotherapy, reasonable austerities, and discipline; any practice where regularity is important.

Watch: any series, shows, films about architecture, jewelry, classics in art, careerists, big managers, politicians, old people, history

Pet: Any animal that needs to be taken care of on a schedule, not when you feel like doing it.

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