Possible signals that your sense of security may include Capricorn elements:

  • workaholism, inability to fully relax without feelings of anxiety/guilt;
  • merging with parents/partner (you have not taken responsibility for your life financially and emotionally);
  • boundaries issues;
  • you or the vast majority of people you contact with have problems with the perception of time (constantly late, or come much in advance);
  • afraid to take risks / try new things;
  • all the classics seem boring to you;
  • fear of losing control of yourself and/or other people;
  • your motto is “if you want it to be good, do it yourself”, you do not know how to delegate responsibilities because people mess up, do it wrong, be late, etc .;
  • the boss at your regular job is either a workaholic who demands the same from you or obsessed with discipline or micromanagement;
  • spine issues.

And remember we can’t use only one signal to come up with a conclusion. We have to look a the whole picture – a person and all indicators of their natal chart.

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