Capricorn is hierarchy

Capricorn represents substance, the everyday reality that the vast majority of people live in despite their status. Capricorn is a stunt of life management of a human being as a carrier of a body, mind, and feelings in a people’s society. Everything that has a material shape is ruled by Capricorn. But this is not just a reality, it’s a reality that is organized and structured.

Capricorn rules how everything is organized from a formal point of view: how a country, social networks, companies, families, and an individual function as a part of social systems, and what roles do we all play in society. Capricorn doesn’t turn off senses and thoughts, it controls them so they are correct, match the rules, traditions.
Capricorn is a reality, a result (a tangible consequence of the effort), management, planning, organizing, structure, rules, laws, discipline, labor, duty, must, responsibility, patience, control, foundation, state, cold, mountains, architecture, jewelry, time, watches, history, spine, stability, classics, professionalism, real estate, social hierarchy top positions.

Apart from amazing benefits, Capricorn can bring to your life fears, insensitivity, lethargy, guilt, stiffness.

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