How to get Aquarius sense of safety

Food/drinks: whatever gives your body a sense of being light; mix ill-matched, for example, fish and chocolate; eat already invented dishes with a strange combination of ingredients or non-traditional ways of cooking/processing regular food – cheese with mold, fried bananas, and so on.

Your eating, sleeping, and relaxing environment (decor of places where you eat, sleep, relax and what you use to eat, sleep, relax – tableware, bed, bedding, favorite chair, and so on): white and neon colors; styles – minimalism, high-tech, wild eclectic, anything with a lot of air and empty space; latest technologies, “smart home” and the like; neon light; plasma lamps; air ionizers; art (paintings, drawings, posters, photos) showing Aquarius energy: space, rockets, aliens, abstract motives, future, humor.

Sounds/smells accompanying your food consumption, sleep, relaxation: electronic and techno music, the smell of electricity.

Body and mind care: breathing therapy/techniques.

Watch: any visual (movies, series, shows) about the future, space, aliens, friendship, like-minded people pursuing their dreams, anything with humor and comedy.

Pets: robots, Tamagotchi, pets powered by AI, bots.

To be continued.

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