Aquarius is marching the planet

We are lucky people, who live during the time one paradigm, Pisces, is superseded by the other – Aquarius. All that we’ve been observing are the first steps of changing of human core, of who we are, and how our body and mind work.

Aquarius represents revolutionary and anarchy vibes. Back in 1871, a French radical created “The Internationale” that became a Soviet anthem for the first years of the new country. Soviet communists slightly changed some lyrics and their version accurately explains what’s going on for the whole world now, in the 21st century: “We’ll destroy the world of violence down to the ground, and then we’ll build our new world; who was nothing will become everything”.

People now are united by social networks, not by religion and their beliefs. Social networks among others make us process an enormous amount of useless information. We can do that only by using all our resources abandoning the needs of the body. And the more time people spend on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, and the like, the less they are connected to their bodies.

Inclusivity is also the new gift from Aquarius. Everyone is equal, everyone is important. As the result, people like George Floyd become heroes; people like Trump become presidents of leading world countries; people like Musk gain the status of an inventor; teenagers crucify adults for air pollution using the stage of UN.

People are changing their anatomy en masse because their gender identity doesn’t match what mom gave birth to (another sign that humanity as a whole has a less and less mind-body connection).

The respiratory virus isolates people from each other, simultaneously getting rid of the people with the old thinking, sending them to get another body that won’t have a “Pisces” thinking.

Instead of buying art, people shell out millions for NFTs – digital object uniqueness certificates.

Processes and phenomenons that are brought to us by Aquarius are truly new, fresh, unique. They didn’t happen before, but we’ll see more and more of those.
I understand those who don’t like the changes we’re going through. The first steps in any global process are usually ugly. But in addition to the news that the direction of humankind development can’t be changed, there is good news, and actually a couple of them. After the destruction of the old, an amazing new world awaits us. And it’ll come relatively soon. After all, the speed of Aquarius is the fastest among all other sings.

So smile! In the Age of Aquarius, laughter for no reason is not a sign of foolishness, but an indicator that you are in contact with the new, Aquarian reality.

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