They smoke, you get fat

A very interesting article about the study that found a connection between your grandparents’ smoking habit and your fat is published on The Hill site.

Does astrology agree with the study? Absolutely! Although there are nuances about the mechanism of this connection.

Smoking on a psychological level is an act of aggression aimed at yourself, at your body. There was something that made grandparents angry, mad and they dealt with it by smoking. They unconsciously “fixed’ what was troubling them but they didn’t get rid of the reason for anger. They carried this anger in their bodies for years. During fetus and toddler experiences kids of these troubled people sense this anger and it distresses their bodies. Chances that they will recognize senses they are getting and understand real reasons behind those senses are not high because we all learn first of all from our parents by observing their behavior. That’s how our coping mechanisms are born.
So many kids of smoking parents are carrying in their bodies senses that are similar to senses we get from aggression. And they do it through their whole life because not many of us have competitive sports and other productive ways of releasing aggression. And also because many of them don’t even realize that they have issues because there is no physical danger and no conscious reason to be angry.

And then they have kids who again sense some kind of threat and aggression, accumulated through generations. Their bodies start to protect themselves against this sense of auto aggression by growing fat – it makes a person bigger, softer, and therefore more equipped to face the constant sense of aggression.

Eating less and doing cardio exercise won’t help to feel safe, so the body won’t stop accumulating fat to protect itself and us from senses that feel dangerous. So if you’re suffering from fat the reason may be (but not necessarily is) you need to release the sense of aggression that is built up inside so your body won’t need to accumulate fat to protect you.

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