Aquarius is superconscious

While Pisces turns off our mind, Aquarius turns off our senses to prevent them from interrupting our attachment to the superconsciousness. If a person doesn’t have any senses they don’t need to use their resources to evaluate what’s going on with them and the world around them to make sure they are safe. Without senses that serve as the foundation in the chain of senses-feelings-emotions, a person can consider and analyze phenomenons as they are without filtering them in regard to what they will bring to this particular individual. Without senses, we lose connection to our bodies and concentrate on mental activity. It feels like a person loses their body and therefore boundaries that separate this person from another. But at the same time, we don’t lose minds which can work with the minds of other people directly, without a body. That’s why Aquarius gives the feeling of belonging to humankind.

The main direction of Aquarius as well as the direction of the superconsciousness is the future, the creation of something that didn’t exist in a personal and collective experience. Aquarius gives insights, inventions. pushes on science and engineering. It frees us from stereotypes, patterns, labels.

Aquarius unites people regardless of their race, gender, age, status, and personal traits: all people are part of the human hood because they have a mind and are capable of thinking. That’s why vibes of political parties and communities based on profession or interest represent Aquarius energy.

Aquarius is the master of the air, vibrations, electricity, speed, intellect, and astrology. It rules humor because you need to use the human brain to be able to find something funny. Do you know a lot of animals that laugh when others stumble and fall? Birds, that laugh without any particular reason? Insects that make fun of their pets? And people do it all the time.

In addition to fun, Aquarius brings sad things – undeveloped feelings and empathy because there is no need for it; the inability of living here and now; uniqueness for the sake of uniqueness itself without any other reason.

To be continued.

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