How to get Pisces sense of safety

Food/drinks: wild nature gifts you can eat without processing and preparing – fruits, nuts, seeds; seafood; water and other drinks infused with the energy of Moon or other energies; wine.

Your eating, sleeping, and relaxing environment (decor of places where you eat, sleep, relax and what you use to eat, sleep, relax – tableware, bed, bedding, favorite chair, and so on): blue and green colors, smooth lines, mirrors, silver, fish tanks, fountains, plants, shell, starfish, romantic lace, art (paintings, drawings, posters, photos) showing Pisces energy – illusions, romance, unreal locations/characters/things (fantasy and surrealism).

Sounds/smells accompanying your food consumption, sleep, relaxation: nature sounds, romantic music without words or with lyrics in a foreign language you don’t understand, trance music, aromas that make you feel you’re out in nature, connected to something bigger than humanity.

Body and mind care: relaxing baths, light massages, aromatherapy, meditations, a little bit of wine from time to time, perfume with light, natural aromas that make you feel you’re out in nature or send you a romantic vibe.

Watch: any visual (movies, series, shows) about nature, art, spirituality, mystery, romance, puzzles without criminal context, focuses, hi-end cuisine, fashion, chemistry, fantasy, fairy-tails, myths.

Pets: cats, fish.

To be continued.

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