Signs that your sense of safety contains Pisces elements

  • People lie to you often;
  • You frequently become a victim of circumstances or people;
  • You’re addicted to anything – food, other people, courses, social media, travels, shopping, drugs, alcohol, and so on;
  • You often fall in love with people who are not available (married, from a different social league, living far away…);
  • You constantly help others without any remuneration and sometimes people even won’t say “thank you”;
  • Excessive weight;
  • Eyesight problems that are not typical for your age group;
  • Hormones issues;
  • Memory and attention problems;
  • Your home suffers from leaks or unpleasant smells especially when it’s difficult to find out the reasons.

And don’t forget we can use only one sign to come up with a conclusion. We have to look a the whole picture – a person and all indicators of their natal chart.

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