Pisces is trance

Pisces energy manifests through states when the conscious part of a person doesn’t participate in perception and evaluation of reality including the person’s body. We’re in Pisces mode when our judgment is off and we don’t filter reality with our mind to put “good”, “bad” and other labels on. This is the state when we stop being people to a certain extent because the human body and mind is the inherent element of humankind; that is what among other factors unite all people and differentiate us from other living beings. It’s both a blessing and a curse of trance.

Through vibrations of Pisces energy, we can get in touch with nature, other objects, and people directly, without mind application, without inner critic, our part that labels everything and puts everything in the right box. This happens not only to the reality that surrounds us but to our bodies as well. Our mind stops getting signals from the body, the connection between body and mind is interrupted.

Everything that gives us a sense that we’re connected to something bigger than humankind that we belong to due to our birth is related to Pisces. We’re talking about nature, art, movies, high-end fashion, cuisine, alcohol, everything divine in religions and beyond them, dreams, meditations, romance, ideals, charity, fairy-tails, fantasy, charity.

But Pisces also manifest via less elevated phenomenons like lies, illusions, addictions, self-sacrifice, and other states of mind when the conscious part of a person is kind of turned off.

To be continued.

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