How to get a sense of safety?

Every House and planet of the natal chart have a matching sign. When you see your Moon in Gemini in the 5th House in aspect with Neptune, for example, you can tell, that your Moon is influenced not only by Gemini because it sits in this sign. It also gets an effect of Pisces from Neptune and Leo due to the placement in the 5th House.

After you find all signs that affect your sense of safety you can try to use things that belong to the same signs in circumstances that relate to the Moon and basic functioning of your body: food, sleep, relaxation, and place you live in, your home. These are all elements of your fetus and toddler experience: you slept, were fed, spent time mostly in one place (at least during the prenatal stage of development), and didn’t perform a lot of physical activity. Re-create the sensations you got when you sense the world as a safe place and you’ll get the same sense again.

To be continued.

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