How to use astrology to understand your sense of safety

While we can’t get access to the detailed safety model due to its unconscious nature, astrology has tools to unveil the safety model to the extent its recreation through similar sensations becomes possible. Astrologer will look at Moon properties in your natal chart to give you an idea of what you can do to give yourself a sense of safety.
Moon in the natal chart among other indications represents your fetus and toddler experience. It shows the nature of sensations you got during these periods of life.

To understand what type of sensations shaped your safety model we need to look at what zodiac signs your Moon is influenced by. A planet in the natal chart get influenced by signs in three ways:

  • by having an aspect with another planet;
  • by its placement in a particular House of the natal chart;
  • by the sign, it is in.

The order of the ways listed correlates with the strength of the influence they make. Aspect with a planet has the strongest effect on the Moon, and its sign – the least. You need to look for all three ways and combine their influence to get an understanding of the individual safety model.

To be continued.

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