How to figure everything out?

There is a never-ending list of sensations human beings can register in their body and the world around them. Heat, vibration, light, numbness, sharpness, block, expansion, sweetness, tightness, pulse, tension, and so endless on. When a combination of a few sensations comes to a certain point, the mind starts unconsciously or consciously assigning a judgment to sensations to label them and build up certainty about what’s going on. Sensations without a judgment are pointless in a way because they are just pure physical facts. We need some kind of attitude to the fact or combination of facts for behavioral guidance.

Astrology, just like a human mind, also labels all facts and their combinations. But instead of using the attitude as guidance, astrology uses objective similarity of facts, processes, events, and so on to classify everything into 12 categories known as zodiac signs. That’s why astrology categories are the same for everyone and they don’t change to reflect an attitude a person has about them.

Sense of cold, for example, is always an attribute of Capricorn whether it signals you about your close death because of freezing or about a soon pain relief when you put an icepack on your injured knee, or about a near mountain skying excitement.

So if your unconscious safety model has a sense of cold you don’t have to freeze to feel safe, you can use other things that have Capricorn qualities to make your body react the same way as it reacts to the sense of cold. It will register what you’re are living through as a safe, secure situation because it matches your unconscious safety profile.

To be continued

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