Are we stuck?

Generalizations about people never work well. And the sense of safety is not an exception in that regard. Everyone has their own safety setup due to the womb and toddler experience. The tricky part is the lack of conscious access to this setup. That’s why many people struggle to find a way to feel safe and fall into the trap of abusive relationships or addictions in an unconscious attempt to cover the gap between what they sense in life and what their developing body learned as a safe place.

They do what they were told by a generalization stereotype: have a roof above your head, enough water, food, and sleep, and feel safe. But most of them can’t because their body through senses don’t register what they had experienced as a safe place in mom’s womb.

Are we all “sentenced” to our prenatal and toddler experience to sense we’re safe? I think we are. We’re stuck with this background forever. You can try to re-create prenatal experience throughout meditations, but I believe it won’t be the same. And the reason is meditations lack the full range of physical sensations you get as a fetus. And that sensations are what your unconscious safety is built with.

So, are all these women that had their best sex after an abuse have no choice but suffer for their bodies to sense that they are safe? Absolutely not! Astrology has got them covered with much better options.

To be continued…

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