How your sense of safety is born

When a person comes to the material world a body is the only way to exist. The body starts to develop in the womb. It’s the first reality for any human being. It’s our first interaction with the material world. That’s how we learn what the world is, how it functions, what it’s about. And we get all of it from a woman that is carrying us. She is our world for about 9 months. We are nurtured by what she eats, we’re scared when she is, we feel safe when she does.

Just think about it: through our fundamental development stage, we know nothing else about the world but the life of a woman carrying us. There is no escape, no way to change anything, that’s what a place we live in is like. That’s what our unconscious model of the world will embrace. There is no yet judgment of bad or good, we take everything that happens to us in the womb and during our first years as a matter of fact, as an inherent part of our life. We don’t evaluate or filter anything, we just experience what the world brings and that becomes our unconscious model of the world that we carry through our whole life.

Later in life when the real world doesn’t fit our unconscious model we feel unsafe. And we’ll do anything it takes to make the reality fit the unconscious model because safety is one of the primary human needs.

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