Use of tarot spread for a campaign strategy.

I’ve been working on the client’s request about the 2022 elections. Astrology wise chances look pretty good, so I decided to add a tarot reading for primaries to understand what actions or ideas can help the client to win the elections.

The spread shows that the client can use as a foundation appeal to science, a list of specific actions that will be taken (instead of just promises to make something better), and use ties and connections the client already has. The last thing may seem obvious, but sometimes clients think that people they know are not a good resource for the political field or that they won’t be willing to support the candidate. When the spread tells that you can rely on your connections, it’s better to go through people you know again and not make any assumption on what people will be willing to do. As time goes by, people’s priorities change.

The client should consider presenting himself more as a caring parent rather than a fighter, a person who will nourish and develop resources that region has, rather than pulling it through tough times. It’s good for the client to push the idea that he is a safe, stable person people can rely on. Appealing to women’s needs also is a working strategy. 

Overall the spread says to concentrate more on the productive side and things the client can do when elected rather than fight with opponents. If the client could bring in anybody who has the qualities of Knight of Disks (a person who successfully owns/runs a big business/organization, has proved themselves as a great manager, a true father of some kind of organization/movement/ideology), that would help the client a lot. 

Despite tarot cards considered by many as a tool that can’t yield specific advice on a political campaign, they can.

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