Elizabeth Holmes verdict tarot reading

Another big trial is about to end. The jury begins deliberations in Elizabeth Holme’s case. So it’s time to make a spread.

The spread doesn’t have that straightforward reading in my opinion. It can be read as lots of intense emotions (10 of Swords) after a long period of holding them up (The Chariot) because she got out of the Theranos story (4 of Wands and Ace of Swords) and now get forget about it. But I would expect to see some Cups as a sign of happy emotional relief rather than Swords. And also, in many photos from the trial Elizabeth is holding hands with people from her close circle.

That’s why I would guess that Ace of Swords is about being alone, without support because of jail (The Chariot=emigration=jail) that brings up panic (10 of Swords) and the feeling of being trapped in the story of epic failure (4 of Wands) for a quite some time.

The Chariot is a “quick” card in my opinion, plus 2 Swords (air): I think it won’t take long for a jury to come up with the verdict.

Elizabeth’s time of birth is known to the public, nevertheless, we can look at some transits.

The most interesting aspect for me is the transit-Jupiter-natal-Moon conjunction because Holme’s Moon is in Pisces (victim, jail, loneliness) that has conjunction with Lilith that adds distortion to Neptune energies. Transit Jupiter is supposed to activate, boost Moon-Lilith in Pisces setup. I wonder how it’ll play out – as an event (actually going to jail) or just as a feeling (feeling an innocent person who was wrongfully accused of fraud and forced to go through trial).

Elizabeth is 37 as of now, so this is the time when not following your life mission can be “punished” by the Universe in the sense that you’ll be put in the circumstances that will push you towards your life mission. Holme’s South Node is in conjunction with Uranus (technology) in Saggitarius (icon, leader). That’s where she started her career. But her life mission is to experience a horizontal level of communications and interactions (North Node is in Gemini) rather than vertical with her on the top. In transits, Nodes make a square with the Moon, which emphasizes the spiritual importance of what’s going on for her right now.

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