Heralds of Venus in retrograde: Easterbrook, Cuomo, Noth, Sacklers.

Today Venus in Capricorn got into a stationary position and it goes to retrograde on the 22nd of December this year. But its influence, empowered by conjunction with Pluto, had already started to bring unpleasant news to those who were involved/are suspected to be involved in some illegal (Pluto) activity related to either money or women (Venus). Look at the news of the last few days:

All this news set up a question: who’s next?!

Astrology indications: natal Venus-Pluto-Uranus conjunction ruled by Mercury which is hit by transit opposition of Pluto-Venus conjunction.

Astrology indications: transit Pluto-Venus conjunction shaking the natal Capricorn sign with natal Venus in that sign.

If to assume this time is wrong and move it forward to 1.11 pm to suit the accusations, we’ll get transit Pluto-Venus conjunction right at the cusp of the 12th House (secrets, gossips, victims).

All this news set up a question: who’s next?!

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