Andrew Cuomo: a $5 million drama

According to Politico on November 16th New York ethics board revoked approval for Andrew Cuomo’s $5 mln book deal and yesterday, December 14th, they said the board will require the former governor to forfeit the money he made from the book.

Surprise-surprise! Where did it come from astrology-wise?

In the natal chart, we see:

  • ruler of the 2nd House (money) Uranus is in the 8th House (crisis, troubles) – 2/8 formula;
  • ruler of the 2nd House Saturn is in the 12th House (not logical losses)- 2/12 formula;
  • ruler of the 2nd House Saturn is square with Lilith in Pisces (strange things happen with money for no obvious reasons) – 2/12 formula;
  • the 2nd House signifier Venus in a square with Jupiter (moral values) which in Cuomo’s natal chart is the ruler of the 12th House – 2/12 formula.

All these indications show multiple connections between money and not-that-ordinary losses.

In directions, we see the 6/12 formula composed of Uranus-6th House conjunction that already kicked Cuomo out of the office. And the 2/8 formula is composed of Venus-8th House sextile that you can read also as troubles (8) related to women (Venus).

In transits, Lilith first opposed Sun in November and Saturn in December, so it activated Sun-Saturn in conjunction with Lilith square in Andrew Cuomo’s natal chart.

If I would be Cuomo’s astrologer I would advise him in advance to make a significant charitable donation to any cancer-fighting organization helping women and keep it a secret. That would feed the energy of 2/8 and 2/12 formulas and save at least some of the $5 million he is about to lose.

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