Lauren Boebert and Ilhan Omar have much more in common than they think

News is full of Omar-Boebert conflict coverage and thanks to that I got to look at Ilhan Omar’s natal chart. There are no coincidences in who we argue with. There is always a reason why a person has a conflict with a particular person. There is an unseen connection between people who argue. And I’m going to uncover it.

Ilhan Omar’s time of birth is not known to the public. 6.20 popped up in my head and after a rectification, I ended up with a 6.03 am proposed time for Omar’s natal chart.

It suits the following facts from her life:

  • 6 (many) siblings – 3rd House ruled by Jupiter that enlarges everything;
  • 3 kids – 5th House is ruled by Uranus (gender-neutral, suggest multiple children);
  • Dad was a military person – Saturn-Pluto conjunction;
  • Mon died when Ilhan was 2 years old – look at Moon smashed by opposition to Pluto-Saturn conjunction;
  • Lilith in the 4th House – number of official and unofficial marriages, some – with the same man, the father of her children;
  • Before her political career Ilhan was a nutrition educator – 10th House in Cancer;
  • The latest husband is a political consultant – the same Pluto-Saturn conjunction.

Whatever is written further is based on the time of birth assumption for both Omar and Boebert, so it’s not necessarily true. But anyway, let’s go and compare Lauren’s and Ilhan’s natal charts.

They both have Moon in the 7th House (feeling safe, comfortable) with a bunch of opposition from planets sitting in the 1st House (body) and one aspect is exactly the same: Moon – Saturn opposition. I will guess there is an unconscious conflict that doesn’t let both ladies feel relaxed and safe when they are with their partners or in public (7th House) because it feels like if they will, they’ll lose control (Saturn) over their bodies. Becoming official (Saturn) elected by the public (7th House) means bringing Saturn energies to the sphere where Moon in their natal chart functions (7th House). So when they have Saturn energies applied in a Moon’s House, the opposition (tension) between Moon and Saturn is actualized and doesn’t bother them too much.
For Omar though, there is an additional fear for her life, her physical existence (Moon-Pluto opposition); and for Boebort it may feel that she loses herself (Sun) and her intellect/connection to the future (Uranus).

How it plays out in life? Ilhan has a history of public assaults, injuries, hate, and even death threats (that’s all Pluto-related events). And Boebert is famous for her Uranistic “not-like-the-others” behavior – letting her staff at the restaurants openly carry guns (this is also due to Moon-Mars/Jupiter square), refusing a bag check in the Capitol Hill, and please, continue yourself.

Moon in the 7th House in hard aspects with aggressive planets is a very stressful natal chart setup, especially for a politician because you spend a lot of time in public being alerted all the time. And then you go home and spend time with your partner that also doesn’t give you a space to relax.

No wonder Lauren posted her anti-Omar twits during Thanksgiving, the family holiday. As I wrote earlier, her Moon-Saturn/Uranus/Sun tension naturally releases to the 4th House with aggressive Mars-Jupiter conjunction and Neptune as a ruler which energy is not familiar or comfortable to Boebert. That’s why she can’t spend the family holiday at home, running away from her partner and trying to release her stress by getting into a conflict with a public person.

Ilhan’s natal chart overall has fewer hard aspects. For her, religion (Neptune as a top point of the Moon-Pluto-Saturn-Neptune triangle) is a good way to feel safer and more relaxed. But obviously, that’s not enough because Omar releases her stress also by getting married and divorced both officially and unofficially on multiple occasions.

The second feature Boebert and Omar share is my favorite Venus in the 12th House: the unconscious or conscious desire to earn money is a way that is not straightforward, clear, or open to public knowledge. It often involves secrets, financial schemes, fraud, utilizing the position of victim or saint, abuse of trust. For both Lauren and Ilhan it has been proved that they misused funds and they both had to return the money they spent on their private needs. And their partners both financially benefited significantly from Omar and Boebert’s being in the office. That doesn’t seem to be a coincidence to me.
Unfortunately for Boebert and Omar, Venus is not a ruler for the 2nd or 10th House in their natal chart. And Neptune, the signifier of the 12th House has no relation to money and career Houses either. That means that events in their life are not connected to earning money with 12th House energies. That’s probably why both of them were caught on misuse of funds.

On the contrary, Gregg Abbott’s 2nd House is in Pisces ruled by Neptune, so his supposed getting richer from being a victim has been working pretty well for quite some time. And Elizabeth Holme’s 2nd House is also ruled by Neptune. During her fraud trial, she testified recently that she was abused by her boyfriend and reminded the world that she was raped while at Stanford. I think that may get her out of bigger trouble, but more analysis is required.

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