Kyle Rittenhouse: verdict tarot prediction was right!

Less than 24 hours ago I did the tarot reading for Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial verdict. The spread showed me that Kyle will be acquitted and it will happen fast. And here it is – Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges. I love to work with tarot cards! Anybody wants a reading?!

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Passionate astrologer and style researcher.

5 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse: verdict tarot prediction was right!

      1. Yes. Although at my age, I limit myself as to readings for pay now. Astrology as you know is a life long pursuit and we can always learn more. I have a limited following on Kindle books now, under the name D.M.Hoover. Thanks for inquiring. Anthony Louis more experienced then I, and a Horary expert, also has expanded his work to include Tarot writing a book about that subject recently. Then there is Tad Mann, who I believe does more Tarot now then Astrology. He developed a new and quite unique way of reading natal charts from the conception date to birth. After that seems to have chosen Tarot. But for me, I just read and admire other’s work, such as yours and theirs.


      2. Thank you for introducing some colleagues. It always feels great to come across people with the same passion, especially when it’s not fully recognized as something that works. And I agree 100% – astrology is life long leaning path. I’m sure I will never stop developing my astrology skills through courses, practice and sharing experience with others. And that teaches me that astrology can be practiced at different levels, so you can enjoy it regardles how good or bad you are.

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