Lauren Boebert: is jail better than home?

Colorado Congresswoman makes the news with stories that caught my attention. There is something peculiar about what Lauren Boebert’s life consists of. The time of the birth is now known to the public, I think it’s around 5.16 am.

And here is what media reports that support this time of birth:

  • No father was listed either on the birth certificate or in a birth announcement published a few weeks after Lauren’s birth – secretive Neptune is signifying the figure of the father and atmosphere of lack of truth at home;
  • According to The Salon site, Lauren’s father is a former North Carolina pro wrestler – that’s Mars-Jupiter conjunction obviously;–but-the-real-story-is-better/
  • Lauren’s childhood was tough, she describes herself as a welfare child – that’s the combination of Neptune (being a victim, a person who gets free help) and Mars (fight, abuse) – Jupiter (multiplier) conjunction placed in the 4th House (family);
  • Lauren has 4 sons – Mars is a ruler of the 5th House (children) in conjunction with Jupiter (multiplier);
  • Her husband has been arrested at least a couple of times for inappropriate sexual and for violent behavior: he makes money in the natural resources industry – that’s the ruler of the 7th House Venus in conjunction with Pluto;
  • Lauren was caught on misusing campaign funds and not disclosing her husband’s income – the same Venus (how a person wants to get money) in conjunction with Pluto (use other’s resources) in the 12th House (and keep it a secret);
  • Lauren enjoys being shocking and non-ordinary, just like Donald Trump with whom she shares Sun-Uranus conjunction.

The most striking thing about Lauren Boebert for me is it seems like she is looking for trouble:

The Denver Post reported that “Lauren Boebert has a history of minor arrests”;

The New York Post reports the same;

Colorado Newsline site reports that “…a volunteer attendance log … shows that Boebert volunteered at the jail on a total of nine occasions over a period of just two and a half years during 2014-2016 … and that Boebert misrepresented her own criminal history, as well as that of her husband, Jayson while applying to volunteer at the jail.” And Boebert claimed she spent seven years counseling women at the Garfield County jail;

Another report from Colorado Newsline: “When Boebert, a freshman Republican from Silt, walked through the metal detector Tuesday evening, the alarm went off, according to a pool feed from reporters who were in the hallway. She would not allow Capitol Police officers to search her bag, causing a brief standoff”:

In 2020 Boebert’s restaurant defies a cease-and-desist order to keep serving diners;

And so on…

Why it’s happening? I will follow Lauren’s example and come up with a shocking astrological suggestion why she is looking for trouble.

There is a Sun-Moon opposition in her natal chart placed in the 1st and the 7th Houses. So there is some kind of “fight”, a conflict for Lauren between comfort and her ego, between herself and others. And Boebert’s natal chart is set up the way that the natural way of releasing these conflicts is the top of the t-square – Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces in the 4th House, that is the family life and spending time at home.

Astrology wise it’s pretty difficult for Lauren to feel comfortable at home: the Mars-Jupiter conjunction provides a lot of aggressive energy; Pisces with its ruler Neptune has no connection to Lauren’s personality so she can’t get Pisces vibes and energy, can’t relate to it and feel comfy in it.

If we just look at facts, at home Lauren has 4 sons and a husband that in 2004 was booked on a domestic violence charge, against her. He “did unlawfully strike, shove or kick … and subjected her to physical contact. That is the person she got married to later, have 4 kids with, and who Lauren publicly calls “the most selfless man she knows”.

As a wife and a mother of four kids, Lauren needs a solid reason not to be at home where she tries to get a resolution of her inner unconscious conflicts. That reason shouldn’t depend on her choice or will at all, so getting in prison may feel like a solution. If she goes to jail, it’s not her fault she can’t be at home for quite some time. And her understanding of being an attractive woman represented by the Venus-Pluto conjunction in the 12th House with trines to aggressive Mars-Jupiter conjunction can give Lauren an idea being in jail gives her points as a desirable woman who can exploit “victim” status to her own benefit.

On a personal note. It’s funny how I come across Venuses in the 12th House. First, it was Greg Abbot, then Elizabeth Holmes, and now – Lauren Boebert. They all are quite peculiar characters. And that’s what an astrologer needs!

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