Why Elizabeth Holmes is facing a chance to go to jail

News is full of stories of Elizabeth Holmes’s trial. Let’s join the crowd and do astrological research. Elizabeth’s time of birth is not known to the public. 6.28 popped in my head. After some rectifying work, I will stick to 6.35 am as a time of birth.

Elizabeth Holmes natal chart

Apart from life events, this time fits the following:

  • South Node in Sagittarius in the 11th House – she became an IT and business icon at a young age.
  • Pluto and Mars, the rulers of the 10th House are in the 9th House – Elizabeth’s mom worked as a foreign policy and defense aide on Capitol Hill.
  • Venus, the ruler of the 4th House in conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune placed in the 12th House – Elizabeth’s father was a vice president at Enron, an energy company that later went bankrupt after an accounting fraud scandal.
  • The ruler of the 3rd House is Mars – she has one brother.
  • Rising Aquarius – Elizabeth’s love for a turtleneck, her back bent in many cases when she appeared in the public, unusually deep voice that’s very noticeable.

What else is interesting about the natal chart? Here are some curious assumptions:

  • Moon in the 1st House in Pisces with sextile with Neptune in the 11th House – Elizabeth probably is very comfortable to lie if that’s for a good reason, like mankind’s sake. The problem is that because Moon is also in a conjunction with Lilith, she can get easily confuse her own benefits with the public ones. Moon-Pluto trine “votes” for that idea too;
  • the natal chart is full of harmonic, light aspects, the only hard ones are Sun in a square with Saturn-Mars conjunction and wide conjunction Venus-Jupiter-Neptune.
  • Sun in a square with Saturn-Mars conjunction most likely played out as parents (Saturn-Mars is both Elizabeth’s mother as ruler of the 10th House and father as a representative of the male line of the family) pushing Elizabeth to become an outstanding person too much which damaged her ego, identity, and the ability to have fun (Sun).
  • Venus-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction close to the cusp of the 12th House is Elizabeth’s father’s financial ambitions and desire to become an icon and role model in the field of finance and as the world’s savior. Jupiter is the planet of values, so Elizabeth’s values are probably confused with her dad’s ones.
  • The South Node is in conjunction with Uranus and in Saggitarius in the 11th House – Elizabeth brought talents of being an inspirational and nonordinary leader from her previous lives. That’s one of the reasons for her fast rise along with her being comfortable with living in the world of illusions. Her life mission is to get the opposite experience – come to the level of a researcher, a person who is not above, but on the same level as other people, a person who doesn’t teach and inspires, but assists and communicates. No wonder the Universe has started to test her iconic status close to the age of 37 pushing Elizabeth towards her life mission.
  • Elizabeth’s parents’ home is the same Venus-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, which shows us that at home Elizabeth was pushed to be an unrealistically ideal person to the extent a jail can start to unconsciously feel like a good place to escape her parents’ ambitions. When you’re in jail it’s telling your parents that you’re out of the game. That never really stops ambitious parents, but it may seem like a solution.
  • The unusually deep voice may have been an unconscious way to mock Elizabeth’s father’s push (Saturn-Mars conjunction) and protest against it in an artistic way (Sun in Aquarius in the 1st House).

In conclusion, I will point at the fact all planets in the chart eventually depend on Pluto (crisis) in the 9th House (moral leadership, values). So maybe going to jail will lead Elizabeth through a tough transformation via disgrace to clean up all unhealthy ambitions. Mercury, the planet of logic, knowledge, and horizontal connections is related to Elizabeth’s life mission, the 8th House (family energies to be re-thought and transformed), and the 12 House (family and personal mission combined). It may be that Elizabeth’s purpose is to clean up the mind (Mercury) from all illusions (12th House) for her own sake and the sake of her family.

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