Elizabeth Holmes and Greg Abbot: what do they have in common?

When I was looking at Elizabeth’s natal chart I caught myself on the familiar indication. And that was Venus in Capricorn placed in the 12th House with a light Neptune aspect. The public doesn’t know the time of birth of both subjects, so whatever I come up with in this post is just an astrological fantasy.

But it’s a pretty interesting one because not only do Texas Governor and a former new-Steve-Jobs share Venus characteristics, they both have 2nd (money) House in Pisces which is affected by confusing Lilith. So, not only they do want money to come from unusual sources (Venus indications), their event line is set up in a way to satisfy this desire (the 2nd House indications).

So, let’s look at what happens in Greg’s and Elizabeth’s lives when Venus in directions arrives at the first significant point – the Ascendant.

For Abbot that happened in 1984 and guess what?

Yes, he’s got his famous accident with the falling tree, which secured the Governor a steady money stream so many years ahead.

For Holmes, it happened in 2003 when she attracted first serious investors and founded her infamous Theranos company that brought her a lot of money, at least at the beginning.

Due to Venus’s conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune, Holmes got another strong directions formulas when those planets arrived at the Ascendant as well.
First, it was Jupiter in 2010. That brought Elizabeth another $45 mln in investments and a $1 bln evaluation. No wonder it happened as Jupiter is a multiplier, and in Holmes’ natal chart it’s a ruler of the 11th (tech) and 2nd House (money) and a signifier of 9th House (being known as an expert).
When Neptune arrives at the Ascendant illusions in Elizabeth’s life are at their peak – she’s on the famous magazines and newspapers covers with the title of a self-made billionaire.
When Neptune leaves the Ascendant, its magic disappears with The Wall Street Journal article. At the same time, Holme’s directional Sun (ego. self-esteem) arrives at the cusp of the 2nd House and gets in opposition with the 8th House (investigations, crises, troubles). And also her directional Ascendant arrives at the natal Moon in conjunction with Lilith, exposing all Elizabeth’s lies for humankind’s (or her own) sake to the public. And the public didn’t like it.

Interestingly, now, when Holme’s trial is in process, Neptune is in conjunction with the directional 10th House.

It could be read like social status (the 10th House) is the same that jail (Neptune) is. We’ll see if that is correct reading pretty soon.

And what indications Greg Abbot has for right now?

He’s got a lot of pressure on his Ascendant: Mercury, the ruler of the 8th House conjunction, and Pluto, the signifier of the 8th House square. Will he be able to do better than Holmes? He has been doing so far. I’m excited to see what he’ll make happen to himself next.

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