Gavin Newsom: family obligations prevent going to UN climate conference

TheHill reports that “Unnamed family obligations caused California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) Friday to pull out of a trip to Scotland for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.”

What whose obligations might be? Let’s start with transits.

Neptune, in natal chart planet of the 3rd House (siblings) and signifier of the 12th House (something confusing, not logical) from the 6th House (illnesses, hospitals, routine) makes aspects with Mars, the planet of the 3rd House, and the ruler of the 8th House (crisis, death).

Jupiter, the ruler of the 12th House makes aspects to the 4th (family) and the 10th House (career).

In solar return we see:

  • Neptune – 3rd House aspects we noticed in the transits.
  • Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter in the 4th House (looks like serious transformations in the family).
  • The axis 3/9 (siblings) has Moon, Venus, Uranus, and Lilith (Lilith in the natal chart is placed in the 8th House).
  • Uranus works both for the 8th and 9th Houses.

In directions:

Uranus, the ruler of the 6th House and the planet of sudden changes arrived at the cusp of the 3rd House.

The main “players” in transits and solar returns are Jupiter and Neptune. In Gavin Newsom’s natal chart, they both are related to the 3rd House (siblings) and 12th House (diseases that are caused by unknown yet reasons, strange, confusing things, and so on).

And they are in a square, that is in some kind of “fight”, that brings a lot of energy to life. And if that energy won’t be used, it’ll cause dramatic events.
Based on all prognosis methods and the natal chart I will guess “unnamed obligations” relate to Newsom’s sister and her health conditions.

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