Kyle Rittenhouse: Greta Thunberg’s astrological brother

When the news recently draw the public’s attention to Kyle Rittenhouse’s case I decided to look at his natal chart. As usual, only the date and place of birth are known to the public. Some time of birth popped up in my head. I tried to rectify it and while doing it I got a feeling I’d seen this chart before. Moon-Sun-Mercury conjunction in Capricorn with Saturn not being part of the personality. I definitely saw that before. And in a couple of minutes, the answer came. I saw it in Greta Thunberg’s natal chart!
Kyle Rittenhouse and Greta Thunberg were born the same day. Go figure!

Despite the distance between Antioch and Stockholm, Kyle and Greta have a lot in common:

Sun-Moon-Mercury conjunction in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn that doesn’t have aspects with personal planets: emotions, desires, and mind are mixed up and influenced by the absence of understanding and acceptance of social hierarchy and society rules. Additionally, this conjunction that defines so much in the natal chart has a square with Lilith in Aires – there is most likely some additional distortion to the lens through which they look at the world;

Mars-Venus conjunction in Scorpio with Uranus square: those guys are pretty radical in what they do;

South Node in Saggitarius and Saggitarius’s ruler Jupiter in opposition with Neptune: from previous lives, they brought talents of being an informal leader, icon and values and ideas they stand for a quite idealistic and don’t have a lot of connection with real life.

Speaking of Kyle’s natal chart with a more or less rectified time of birth, I would point that his leadership talents were developed in the situations of the 12th House, like something confusing, romantic, secret, maybe even criminal.

As media reports, Rittenhouse arrived in Kenosha to protect property that didn’t belong to him or people he knew. That’s how Saturn, not connected to a personality can work – a person fights with a gun for a property they have no connection with.

In directions for 2017-2018, the school year Kile dropped out of the school, we see revolutionary Uranus arrived at the cusp of the 3rd House – ordinary education among other meanings. The school wasn’t the place where Kile could use his radical leadership skills.

In directions for 2020 there are a few interesting indications:

  • Directional Sun (ego), the ruler of the 8th House (death, crisis) arrived at the cusp of the 2nd House, activating the 2/8 axis;
  • Directional Ascendant arrived at the natal Sun, composing 7/8 formula (crisis related to other people);
  • Directional Lilith arrived at the cusp of the 5th House – a time of dangerous and thrilling adventures involving using weapons.
    In transits, Lilith is at the cusp of the 2nd House, making opposition to the 8th House – a mystery involving deaths knocks on the door.

If my guess of time of birth is correct, Kile Rittenhouse’s trip to Kenosha probably was an adventurous trip to actualize the itchy ego of a hero with some idealistic ideas and a gun that had no chance to stay unused

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