Nancy Pelosi’s reelection run 2022: to be or not to be?

A couple of days ago the Speaker was asked if she is planning to run for reelection in 2022. She didn’t tell anything specific.

Let’s look at the directions for 2022 for Nancy Pelosi. But first I need to say that I came up with the time of birth that differs for public sources. My time is 2.07 am:

  • Moon is in the 10th House – media reports that motherhood prepared Pelosi to be a political leader.
  • Venus is in the 4th House in conjunction with Uranus – her father was a mayor; her husband is a real estate and venture capital investment and consulting firm owner and operator.
  • Mercury, the ruler of the 5th House is in Pisces with Lilith conjunction on the top of the triangle configuration with Moon-Venus/Uranus opposition as the base – Nancy gave birth to 5 children before she started a public political career. Alec Baldwin’s wife uses giving birth to kids to keep her feeling of an attractive woman fed. Nancy most likely used it to release Moon-Venus’s opposition tension (unconscious conflict between her role as a woman and as a mother).

Directions for Nancy Pelosi for 2022 are not intense, but there is one remarkable aspect.

Her Ascendant arrived at the Sun. This may result in feeling the need to be a public figure to maintain the connection with her own identity, personality, her own core as a political leader (Sun in trine with the ruler of the 10th House Pluto placed in the 7th House). To go away from the public, influential life could feel like a death. Especially because Sun in Nancy’s chart is the ruler of the 8th House, House of transformation, crisis, and death. The above-mentioned Ascendant-Sun conjunction composes not only the 7/7 formula (what I want, the public wants) but also the 1/8 and the 7/8 formulas – death in the public’s eyes (if I’m not in public, I’m dead to the public). That’s a pretty terrifying feeling.
So I would say Nancy Pelosi is not ready to retire. She is in her full capacity and ready to continue to serve the people and the country. There should be some serious family problems that require her attention to make her not run for reelection in 2022. How do I know that? Look at the solar return for 2022.

Ascendant is in the 11th House and Uranus is on the cusp of the 6th House (freedom from the routine, sudden change), MC in the 8th House (crisis), Moon and Pluto are in the 2/8 axis, 4th House is loaded with 4 planets.

Not long to wait to find out will Nancy Pelosi run for reelection, or she will be pulled out of her political career by some family problems.

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