Buffalo elections 2021: the mayor intrigue

Internet doesn’t know India Walton’s date of birth. At least yet. She is the person who defeated incumbent Byron Brown in primaries in Buffalo’s mayoral elections this year. So I’m left with only one candidate whose time of birth is unknown to the public. 3.56 popped up in my head for Brown. I rectified it using very few events from his life and got something like 3.52 pm.

There is Moon-Pluto opposition affecting the 1st and the 7th Houses (unconscious threat from the public, other people). Its tension in the chart can be released either by using Mars (the ruler of the 10th House) or by using Jupiter/Neptune in the 9th House. Both release points are related to being in power or at least in a position of an informal leader. Byron Brown’s Twitter is full of reports of going to places as the mayor. The role of being some kind of leader seems to be very dear to him. And with Moon-Pluto opposition the reason is probably would be he is scared to death to lose the leadership of any kind as it feels like an unconscious threat to his life. No wonder he didn’t give up after losing the primaries to India Walton and made himself a write-in candidate for general elections.

Let’s see what the prognosis looks like for Brown. Does he have chances to keep leadership and avoid facing his fears?

It looks like he doesn’t. Nothing about being elected in directions. And a couple of 8/10 formulas, indicators for losing his powerful position. So, my prediction is Buffalo is getting a new mayor this year. I wonder how Byron Brown will deal with it.

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