Alec Baldwin’s accident: the woman is dead, the man survived.

Was it an accident that the famous actor killed a woman? Let’s look at Alec’s natal chart and prognosis to think about it. His time of birth is not known to the public, so everything in my post is just a fantasy.
I think my research subject’s time of birth could be 8.22 pm:

If that’s true, here are some intriguing aspects:

  • Sun-Moon opposition (men and women in Baldwin family were in some kind of fight when Alec was born);
  • Pluto-Venus opposition, where Pluto is Alec and Venus represent an ideal woman-muse and lover;
  • Mars-Uranus opposition, where Mars is Alec and Uranus is his mom and in a way his life partner (Moon is in the 11th House, Venus is in Aquarius).

So there is some tension in Alec’s natal chart between women and himself. His second’s wife time of birth is not known to the public. Nothing popped up in my head for Hilaria Baldwin. Due to her non-stop baby’s arrivals and yoga teacher profession, I guessed that Hilaria’s time of birth would be around 6 pm.

If my guess is true, it’s easy to understand her obsession with giving birth to children. She has no water in her natal chart, so she may be a bit of a “robot” who thinks that the more babies she has, the more attractive she is a woman. That is supported by Lilith-Venus square (distortion of a female attractiveness) and Moon in the 8th House making it comfortable for constant body transformation during pregnancy.
And look at her Venus-Uranus conjunction and Moon in Aquarius. These are two indicators, that show that she’s got a lot of Uranus vibe. And from Alec’s natal chart we know, that there is a fight (opposition) between Uranus energy and Alec himself. That’s why I would say there is a big chance their couple is not really “a good team”.

So, keeping this conflict in mind, let’s look at the prognosis for the shooting day, October, 21st 2021.

Transits are very eloquent. Transit Uranus squares Mars-Uranus natal opposition from the 7th House (the House of partnership). So, some Uranus, sudden, shocking energy, related to Alec’s partnership, “activates” his natal chart conflict between himself and his partner that ends up with shocking (Uranus) killing (Mars).

In solar return, Uranus sits right on the cusp of what House? Yes, of course, the 7th House.

In directions we see:

  • Moon (comfort) and Sun (ego) oppose the 7th House and create t-square;
  • Mars opposes the 12th House (opening the door to strange accidents involving violence);
  • Lilith conjuncts the 8th “death” House (and in the natal chart, Alec has Lilith-Sun conjunction in Aries, which can be an indicator or distortion in the understanding of how to act as an active, charismatic person).

Summarizing all findings I will guess that by pulling the trigger of the prop gun Alec Baldwin tried unconsciously to “kill” the conflict with his wife Hilaria. And killed Halina instead. By the way, are these names sound a little bit similar to you? Do you still think the discharging of the prop gun in New Mexico was an accident?

And again, this post is a complete astrology exercise, a version of the reasons behind people’s behavior.

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