St. Petersburg mayoral election 2021: total fantasy

The smaller the city, the harder it is to find information about local politicians. St. Petersburg, FL’s mayoral race narrowed to 2 gentlemen. One is 57 years old, so at least we know his date and place of birth. The other one is 32. I had to look through his Facebook account to find out the date of birth. The time of birth for both candidates is not known to the public, which never stopped me from astrological research. I got both times popped up in my head. Unfortunately, very few life events can be found to use for rectification purposes. That’s why today’s prediction is total fantasy. Still fun to do!

In directions, Ken Welch has one 7/7 formula. And Robert Blackmon got 10/10 and 7/10 formulas composed of conjunctions. That’s much more energy than with just on 7/7 formula made of trine.
According to Ballotpedia, Welch got more than 5000 votes more than Blackmon.

And for the city with a population under 250 thousand, that’s a significant advantage. Nevertheless, I will “vote” for Robert Blackmon’s victory because of the strong direction’s indications. And also because Ken Welch has Lilith in conjunction with the cusp of the 10th House in his natal chart. And Lilith tends to bring unpleasant surprises when you don’t use its energy.

That’s it for St. Petersburg for now. In about two weeks we’ll see if my fantasy is any close to reality.

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