No change for Minneapolis: Jacob Frey seems to keep his seat

Minneapolis mayoral race 2021 has quite a few candidates. I’m going to look at the incumbent’s natal chart. In particular, because his time of birth popped up in my head as 2.12. After rectifying I would say 1.56 am is a more accurate time of birth for Jacob Frey.

  • Mars and Mercury in the 2nd House which is ruled by Gemini – the mayor used to be a professional runner;
  • 10th House is in Aquarius – Jacob’s father supposedly was an acrobat and ballet dancer, and Jacob himself is a politician;
  • Venus in the 4th House – Jacob’s mother supposedly was a ballet dancer;
  • 7th House in Sagittarius – two marriages so far and the second wife is an attorney;
  • 11th House is in Pisces with Moon in it – Jacob and his wife welcomed their daughter last year.

Interestingly there are only two formulas in Jacob’s Frey natal chart with the proposed time that contain the possibility to become an elected official: Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and Venus-Uranus square. But they both are strong, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction composes not only the 7/10 formula but the 9/10 formula as well. That’s enough to become a Minneapolis mayor at least once.

What about a second time? Let’s look at the directions for November 2nd, 2021.

There is one 7/7 formula made of conjunction and one 7/9 formula. That looks good, but still, I would like to find more indications in Frey’s favor. And I found them in solar return.

Saturn sits right on the cusp of the 10th House. That’s enough for me. If no other candidate has strong indications, Mayor Jacob Frey has no reason to worry about the results of the elections this year.

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