Hot Seattle mayoral race 2021

Bruce Harrell and Lorena González are running in the nonpartisan general election for mayor of Seattle, Washington, on November 2, 2021. They advanced from the top-two primary on August 3 with 34% and 32% of the vote, respectively, in a 15-candidate field.

The time of birth for these candidates is not known to the public. I came up with some numbers and rectified them according to events in candidates’ lives that I could find on the Internet.

Let’s first compare directions for Harrell and González.

They both have only one favorable indication with a slight advantage on Harrell’s side due to a bit stronger aspect.

In solar returns González has double 7/10 formula. And Harrell got interesting double Uranus-1st House conjunction. Strictly speaking, this is not an indicator for winning an election. Nevertheless, I will interpret it as a hint for something big happening for Bruce. And that big is related to politics due to the Uranus involvement. Another good sign for him is Jupiter in the 7th House and Uranus in the 10th House. And overall Harrell’s solar indicators look better to me.

In transits, Lorena doesn’t seem to have anything interesting. And Bruce got Uranus on the cusp of the 1st House, just like in his solar return. Uranus hitting the Ascendant 3 times in two different prognosis methods should count for something big!

I’m not sure who is better for Seattleites, but for the sake of astrology beauty, I would say Bruce Harrell has more chances to win this November.

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