Francis Xavier Suarez is to stay in Miami mayor’s office

Francis X. Suarez seems to be joining his father’s 2-terms Miami mayor club in a couple of weeks. The current’s mayor time of birth is not known to the public. 15.23 popped up in my head. After rectifying I came up with a 3.01 pm time of birth for Suarez. The natal chart with this time looks like that.

  • Jupiter in the 6th House – legal profession.
  • Uranus close to the cusp of the 10th House – father mayor of Miami
  • 7th House in Cancer – wife is in the hospitality industry, an event organizer
  • Venus is in 8th House with aspects from Neptune and Lilith – Francis is a cryptocurrency-friendly politician.

There are multiple formulas to be an elected official, so there is no surprise Francis Suarez has been elected multiple times since 2009.

And what about this year’s mayoral race? Let’s look at the directions.

Two 7/10 formulas, 10/10, 7/7, 9/10 formulas – it’s time for Suarez to become Miami mayor again.

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