Cincinnati mayoral race: David Mann

David Mann came second in May primaries for the Cincinnati mayor seat.

Can he overturn this outcome in November?

The time of birth is unknown, 7.08 popped up in my head. After rectification, I’m going to stick to it.

We can see multiple formulas for being elected official, which happen to David many times already.

What about directions for the election day?

They look very promising! Two 10/10 formulas, 7/10 & 9/10 formulas, one each. And two of these formulas are composed of the strongest aspect – conjunction. When I was looking at Mann’s opponent Aftab Pureval’s directions, they seemed pretty strong. But in comparison with David’s directions, they deemed a bit.

Let’s look at transits, first for the primaries, May 14th.

Nothing spectacular for David Mann: Saturn at the cusp of the 5th House gives us a hint he probably was pretty busy those days, but that’s normal for a serious candidate.
Aftab Pureval had the Saturn-Mercury trine, both planets in the natal chart relate to politics and career, so probably that’s why he was a person who gained the most votes.

But that was in May. What’s for the big date?

The situation is the opposite. Nothing exciting for Aftab and in David’s transits Saturn (power, career) trines Venus (the public). That’s a fantastic indicator for those who want to win an election.

It seems like Aftab will have to wait for another chance to advance in his political career. And he’s got plenty of time to do this. And David Mann’s astrology indications “vote” for him as the next Cincinnati mayor. Of course, only if I’m correct about both candidates’ time of birth. It’s getting exciting!

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