Cincinnati mayoral race: Aftab Pureval

Unfortunately, for the second Cleveland mayoral candidate Kevin J. Kelly even the date of birth is not known to the public, which I, as an astrologer, find unfair. Everyone who runs for the office should make their date, place, and time of birth available to the public. People have the right to know who they are electing!
Anyway, moving to Cincinnati! The first mayoral candidate I’ll explore is Aftab Pureval. His time is not known to the public, 13.08 popped up in my head. I researched events from Aftab’s life to rectify this guess. And thanks to his IG account, it seems like 1.08 pm can be the time I’m looking for.

In the natal chart, we see multiple indications Pureval can be elected to serve the people. And he did for the first time when in directions 10th House arrived at natal Saturn. Makes complete sense from an astrology point of view.

So, are there chances for Aftab Pureval to become Cincinnati mayor and deal with the corruption 2020 scandal?

Oh, yes! We see victorious 10/10 formula and two 1/9 formulas that are usually not about winning elections. But I will take them into consideration. And here is why.

Pluto which makes a trine with the 9th House is not only related to the Ascendant but also has conjunction with Saturn, the signifier of the 10th House. So 1/9 Pluto formula also can be read as 9/10 formula, which is one of the indications of winning an election.

Directional Neptune arrived at the cusp of the 3rd House is not related to the 7th, the 9th, or the 10th Houses directly, but it’s the ruler of the 4th House, which makes one axis with the 10th House. So, as an additional indicator, it works for me as the 9/10 formula.

If I’m right about the time of Aftab Pureval’s birth, he has a very strong chance to become the next Cincinnati mayor.

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