Cleveland mayoral race: Justin Bibb

There are two candidates left on the Cleveland mayoral election list. Let’s start with the number one in primaries, Justin Bibb. The time of birth is unknown to the public. 3.03 popped up in my head, and after rectifying I would say 2.52 am is more aligned with little we know about Justin.

  • Rising Aquarius – Justin calls himself an innovator and futurist on his official IG account; what can describe an Aquarius better than that?
  • South Node in Libra – Justin’s elegant looks
  • 10th House ruler is Pluto – dad was a fight fighter and a policeman
  • Venus in the square with Neptune – mom is a social worker, one cousin was a victim of murder.

Does Bibb’s natal chart have enough formulas for being an elected official? Oh, yeah! Pluto-Sun opposition, Moon-Saturn trine, and Moon-Mars sextile make a pretty good combination of harmony and tension in the 7/10 formulas pool.

And what about November 2nd, 2021 directions?

They are very promising: 7/9, 9/10, and 7/10 formulas. Pluto-7th House trine that composes the 7/10 formula also creates the 7/8 formula – money from the public to run for the office. Here’s data from Ballotpedia about fundraising and spending as of August 25, 2021.

To raise more than half of a million for your first campaign is very impressive in my opinion.

Also is worth mentioning such indicators as Uranus and then Saturn arriving at Justin’s Ascendant starting in 2024 with a couple of years break between those most political planets.

Those indicators making clear that Justin Bibb has a shiny political future, at least for a number of years.
I need to explore the other candidate chart to make a final prediction, but Bibb’s chances look very strong.

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