Atlanta Mayoral race 2021: Felicia Moore

According to the media, the second place in the Atlanta polls belongs to Felicia Moore. Not many events from her life are known to the public, so my wild guess of 7.20 as a time of birth has very little to be proved by. So, let’s play the “What if” game just for the sake of having the fun of prediction. If Felicia Moore’s time of birth is 7.13 pm, her natal chart looks like this.

Directions for general election day on November 2nd, 2021 have some juicy indicators:

  • Three 9/10 formulas;
  • One 7/9 formula;
  • One 7/10 formula;
  • Jupiter makes 2 aspects with the 6th House which is not about winning the election, but it’s about some career advancement. Keeping in mind that Felecia has been in public service for more than 30 years, I would count that indication as “plus 1” to the probability of her victory.

With so many candidates general elections most likely won’t decide the fortune of the mayor’s office.

In directions for runoff, scheduled for the 30th of November, Moore loses one 9/10 formula, but all other promising signs are in place.

If to choose between the former mayor and former President of the Council, I would go for Felicia Moore’s directions.

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